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Sits & Wiggles will teach you how to use positive reinforcement training methods to treat any behavior issue and help you design a training plan that will accomplish your goals. Our training services are aimed at bringing out the best in your dogs so that they become well-behaved and happy members of your family. Most importantly, the training will help you nurture a deep bond with your dog based on trust and understanding while establishing clear rules and structure to set your dog up for success.
In-home private consultations are 60 to 90 minutes. Group classes are 60 minutes.

* only available for Riverdale clients.

Service Area:

New York City (Hell’s Kitchen, UWS, Harlem, Morningside, Washington Hts, Inwood)

Riverdale & Bronx west of Bronx River Pkwy

Yonkers and Lower Westchester


Sits & Wiggles Dog Training
Riverdale, Bronx NY 10471
(516) 270-6624

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